Sunday, January 10, 2010

Days 4 and 5, the Rewind

Day 4. Our main objectives were 1) to support fellow grad student Chris, who was presenting a paper, and 2) to attend a soiree thrown in honor of AHA president Laurel Thatcher Ulrich in the evening. We did achieve both, and managed to squeeze in a little pool time. And a margarita.

Day 5, we did zero conference-related stuff. We had still not made it out to the beach, so Sarah's very nice, also-grad-student friend Emily drove us to Mission Beach, where we had a delicious brunch and walked along the pier. I felt mildly guilty about skipping those panels, until I went skipping around in the surf of the Pacific ocean. Then I just felt great.

Now I'm at the airport, wearing a sweatshirt in anticipation of northeastern coldness. I think the conference, and the time spent in San Diego, was very successful. Once I recover from this late-night flight I'll be posting a series of supplementary articles, including "How to Spot an Academic" and "Socializing with Grad Students: A Field Guide".

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  1. It all sounds brilliant! I'm sorry that I wasn't in the surf and sunshine of San Diego last week -- especially since Britain has managed to be actually colder than New Hampshire. What's up with that?!

    Looking forward to news about Day 4 -- how did Chris' presentation go? How was Larel Thatcher Ulrich? Any excellent gems from the Harvard faculty? Inquiring minds want to know!