Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 2, Part 1: Getting the Party Started

It was pretty great to wake up to the sunrise on the harbor. Of course we woke up at the crack of dawn, confused about where we were and what time it was. Fortunately our hotel offers a coffee bar, so we only had to stumble down there in order to come alive.

San Diego is a fantastic place to host a conference, and apparently people know it, because we’ve already encountered people from at least 5 different events. The place is literally packed with people wearing identification badges. We took advantage of a lull in the schedule to lounge at the pool. An outdoor pool – in January! We decided that we will never leave.

When we went to register for the conference, we were met by a slew of historians who were being herded into a room, where they (an anonymous conference staff) put badges on us and handed us a stack of papers and programs. We went to a session entitled “An Empire in Transit: The British Empire, 1780–1880”, which was interesting despite the fact that I know nothing about the nineteenth century. Also, it turns out that the Marriott has a grotto pool. I wonder if we can wear our bathing suits under our conference attire?

Tonight we head back to the conference for the opening remarks, which, strangely, occur after the conference has begun. After the opening remarks we will be treated to an exploratory musical extravaganza, something called “Musical Encounters in the Early Atlantic”. What, in fact, does that entail? I’ll let you know tomorrow morning!

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