Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Happy New Year, all!

Just a reminder that I am headed to the American Historical Association Annual Meeting, held in wonderfully not-freezing San Diego. The conference is January 7-10, and I will be live-blogging as much as possible. At the very least you can expect a nightly update, though pictures will have to wait until I return to my trusty desktop.

The AHA Annual Meeting's theme is Oceans, Islands, Continents, all things I enjoy. For those who may be interested in perusing the program, it can be found here. I'm going to try to rope my fellow graduate student attendees into reporting, so between all of our eyes, nothing will be missed!

Professional conferences are funny things, shrouded in mystery. I was recently asked, "What do historians have to say to each other that they need to have a three-day-long conference?". Hopefully by the predawn hours of Monday morning, I will have the answer to that, along with many fun and fascinating anecdotes. Stay tuned!

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