Tuesday, December 29, 2009

If Only It Were True!

So I've circulated a couple of surveys about grad student stereotypes, among other fascinating things. I'll be giving you all the official results sometime in the future, but I'm jumping the gun to make this post because a) I have a really great visual, and b) there is one stand-alone stereotype that every person surveyed so far had pretty blistering things to say about.

And that is, that we're a bunch of lazy bums.

See exhibit A:

While I can't speak for the 12th year of the PhD, December is better known as the Deadline Dance of Doom and Death. How many pages can you write in a day when you have swine flu? How many books can you carry from the library, through the snow, up the many hills to the overflow lot where the grad students get to park? It's the same premise as "American Gladiators", except in "American Academics" we don't wear the sparkly costumes, and most of the time we're not suspended from monkey bars.

One person surveyed had no time to wrap any gifts, and went the "it's under the paper bag!" route. Another student, spared from the survey but not from inclusion in this post, was, at deadline time, seriously considering buying all Christmas gifts at highway rest stops on the way home.

So to all the people who received post-it notes and highlighters in their stockings -- and were excited about it -- I salute you! Get down with your never-stop-reading selves, and Happy New Year!

Monday, December 28, 2009

No Two Front Teeth For You: Santa's Revenge

Sometimes Santa really gets it right, and other times, you wonder what he must have been drinking to think that thing was a good idea (note: it wasn't milk). The only good thing about bad presents is that they usually become pretty funny once enough time has gone by, and then you can laugh about it.

Usually. Sometimes your gift is a pet mouse that gives you scabies. Then everyone else laughs, but not you.

I've received a few whoppers of poorly-chosen gifts*, but nothing like these people, who collectively have some serious good-gift karma due them after receiving half a roll of tube socks, a spoon-pin, and a "European bathing suit".

So here's hoping you got everything you wanted, and if you didn't, that at least you made out better than the Something Awful folks.

*The "best" of these was a key, with no explanation to what it opened, which, drove Type-A me nuts for months before I gave up and purposefully lost it.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Former Bishop of Turkey is Near!

So here's your dose of holiday cheer, from me! Your chicken soup for the post-exam soul. I held off posting this until Christmas Eve, but you have a good 48 hours to listen to it over and over again until you're finally drowned out by "Deck the Halls".

I have to hand it to David Sedaris, who, while discussing the topic of Christmas, manages to make fun of the following things: Michigan, the Dutch, Spanish "tapath" [tapas], Turkey, virtually all children, and ostensibly, blind people. Sound good? Click through to the YouTube audio file. It's a three-part extravaganza.

Merry Christmas Eve! I hope none of you are about to be kicked and carted off to Spain in the near future.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Top Ten Reasons to Go AWOL

So I'm back from my semester off...of blogging. Don't worry, I was plenty busy reading about epistemology and trying to learn how to say "where are all your documents about slaves?" in Portuguese. In addition, I wanted application season to be well underway before returning to my post. So next semester you can expect a lot more chicken soup, and I'm hoping you all still have souls at the end of this semester.

A few things to look forward to. I will be live-blogging from the AHA (that would be, the American Historical Association) grand-high annual meeting, held this year in the balmy San Diego. This should be fun for everyone. Especially if the side-trip to Tijuana goes according to plan.

Also, stay tuned for my reviews of several films about college life in a hysterical countdown of stereotypes. Should we all be very, very afraid of our professional futures? I'll let you know.

But I'll leave you with these amusing tidbits. TIME went majorly nuts with Top Ten lists for 2009, covering everything from Top Wizards to Top Things You Didn't Know about Hanukkah. Here are a couple of my favorites.

Top Ten Ye Olde British Criminal Trials

Right up my alley!

Top Ten Toy Crazes
I remember all of these except the ones from the 80's, which I've repressed.

Top Ten Disney Controversies
Finally, "Song of the South" is going to be dealt with.

And for those who enjoy dumb people getting busted, this one's for you.
Pure awesomeness.

Enjoy these time-sucking top ten lists, and have a great holiday season!