Tuesday, April 28, 2009

One-Stop Shop for Stress Relief

With finals approaching, who has time or energy for fun? We're exhausted! We have to write 60 pages! We're ridiculously behind! We need a one-click solution!

Wiley tipped me off to this, the instantaneous pick-me-up:


One click and this appears:


The best part about Daily Puppy, as well as other sites of hilarity like the better known www.lolcats.com, is that material changes often enough that you can reasonably expect to be continously entertained through exams. For instance, Lolcats offered up this doozy today:

Amazing! Between Taco Cat and Puppy-in-a-Barrel I can definitely tackle this 12-pager. Unless I decide to use the time to track down that outfit for my own cat...

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