Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Chaps or Face Paint? You decide!

There are a lot of good things about the Olympics. For instance, the illusion of global cooperation, the traveling torch, and holding your breath while the crazy bobsledders risk their lives for national pride. Unfortunately ice dance costumes don't quite fall into this category of giving you that nice Olympic feeling. Take a look, courtesy of Go Fug Yourself.

Olympic Ice Dancing: Fab and Fabber

Apparently the theme of the ice dance costumes is offensive stereotypes, ironic for an Olympic Games which made obvious overtures to the native cultures of Canada. As a result, the Aboriginal-inspired getup seems especially inappropriate. I also completely fail to comprehend the "tacky American trucker" look worn by the representatives of Great Britain, as well as the Wild West chaps on the French pair.

The only possible explanation is that the ice dancers were forced to choose their theme based on what was available at the party store. One of them got Bad Luau, another got Cowboys, and that last pair got stuck being the piƱata.

One last thought: Teams should break away from this strategy. Not only do they look ridiculous, but the only pair that looks acceptable is also the pair wearing the gold.

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