Monday, December 20, 2010

Things on the Horizon: Holiday Insanity

I FINISHED THE GRADES! Now on to bigger and better things that don't require coefficients and graphing calculators circa 1999.

It's time for Christmas. Due to divergent family and religious traditions, my partner and I celebrate two Christmases, at least. I do Christmas hymn-midnight service-lessons and carols-children dressed as wise men and shepherds Christmas first. Then we do Santa-sick from cookies and eggnog-open presents under the tree-watch Rudolph 18 times Christmas. There may also be early-January-with-friends Christmas and sometimes early-spring-Christmas with my family. There's usually also just-the-two-of-us-fighting-over-last-piece-of-pie Christmas.

Suffice to say, Christmas is big and lasts a long time. Then there's New Years. New Years is also huge. I make two tons of monkey food and a giant cheeseball and get dressed up (sometimes the only time that year) and ring in the New Year by beating on a pot with a metal spatula. Yes, you read that correctly. Then it's time for midnight kisses and resolutions and learning to write the correct year.

What else will happen before school begins again? A few exciting things:

  • Like last year, I will be live-blogging from the annual meeting. Last year all sorts of madness happened, so stay tuned in the beginning of January for that!

  • Also in late January there will be a giveaway. I am very excited about this and will require much creativity on your part, so get ready.

I'll be updating periodically between these two major projects. As always, feel free to send along great stuff to me. You might even get your own "corner".

What does the holiday break hold in store for you?


  1. thanks for the comments, i was feeling like the aprons were too homemade looking cause i'd been working on them for so long!

    this holiday i making presents (new thing this year and i am procrastinating cutting tulle for the last of them!), experiments (i need data to go to super awesome national conference this spring) and new year's eve which this year features a prohibition-themed party (be still my vintage-loving heart!!).... sooooo science and sewing and parties, in short: the usual!

  2. It sounds like you'll have a productive holiday season! This historian is very happy to hear that prohibition-themed parties are occurring. Good luck with the tutus and experiments!