Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Future Career

My students can attest to the fact that I enjoy adapting well-known songs to reflect important historical events. When it comes down to it, I don't mind if they're all reviewing my raps in their minds during the midterms as long as they can tell me who John Winthrop is and why he's up in Anne Hutchinson's grill.

This, however, takes everything up several notches:

My favorite part is when the wig spins off. This is historically accurate, by the way. Exactly what happened. 1776 represent.

If this academic job market doesn't creep back from the abyss, I'm just going to take to the YouTube channels.


  1. This just completely made my day.

  2. Rebecca, I've had this in my inbox for about 5 days but it has made every day this week. It's like the current-day musical epilogue to "1776".

  3. I used this in my discussion on the American Revolution. It was the only moment of pure happiness that I've seen on my students' faces all semester. ~Sarah Mc.