Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Would You Like Bullets with That?

Some fellow snarky writers provided me with the perfect opportunity to mix moderately good advice with a truly absurd and horrifying back story.

Don't throw waffles, kids.
Or you might get shot.

HELLO. More of these great write-ups can be found at Dumb As A Blog, A Daily Digest of the Dumbest Stuff People Do. And people must do a ton of dumb stuff, because those writers are busy. Check early and often for your daily fix of dumb.


  1. Just out of curiousity, whom are we ranking as more dumb here? The waitress who shot a customer in broad daylight or the customer who attempted to assault a waitress with a piece of bread?
    - Laura

  2. Well, this situation clearly offers a two-fer. Double the dumb in that Waffle House. As for ranking them, that's tough. While I would like to believe that the customer, upon realizing that the waffle was inedible and thus nutritionally useless to her, sought to add value to the waffle by using it as a projectile, that was probably not the case. And the fact that the server left the premises to get a firearm that was just hanging out in her gas-guzzler, then returned and shot the customer before getting the tip makes me think that the real dummy here might be management.