Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Meat and Greet

Welcome one and all.

This is the time of year when graduate students really lose it.

Potential graduate students have submitted all necessary forms and have now entered the Eternal Waiting Period, which lasts from December or January into April or beyond. Current graduate students are writing theses, bibliographies, project proposals, and fulfilling any number of obligations/jumping through hoops in hopes of clawing their way to the end of another semester. And a special group of people fall into both of these categories. I feel your pain.

In mid-January, any graduate student who tells you they aren't crazy has most likely not yet realized their insanity. This is a defense mechanism. Do not challenge it.

Everyone knows (or soon will) that breaks in graduate school are really a sham. "Breaks" mean "more time to work"! Hence, the need for some cheer. If the holidays blew by you with only a lump of coal and a looming deadline remaining, perhaps some of the results of my graduate-level procrastination will prove worthwhile.

Instant Smile for the Day: Go to Amazon. Set the search function to "Toys and Games". Then type in "Meat". The list of products that emerges from the combination are amazing. Especially amusing are the Variety Meats Pencil Toppers. Let's go to the close-up.
Oh my yes. I am grateful to for this image, which continues to blow my mind and inspire me to begin Christmas shopping for next year immediately. Alternatively, they might make a nice gift for recommenders, advisers, meat enthusiasts in the cohort. After hours spent buying textbooks online, this has the potential to make your day. And there's a lot more where that came from.


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